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WG Gesucht: Belgian student looking for a room

In Kiel

WG gesucht von:30.09.2017
WG gesucht bis:23.12.2017
Gesuchte WG Größe2er
min. Zimmergröße in m²:15
max. Mietpreis (warm):350 €

Hi everyone!
I (F, 23y, student) am completing a medical internship in Kiel 30.09.17 – 23.12.17 and am therefor looking for a place to stay meanwhile. Preferably a home I share with other students, not too far from the university hospital. I am pretty flexible when it comes to sharing and am not demanding much. (Although I wont say no to having my own douche either. ;)) Internetconnection is a necessity though. Laundry machine (shared or close-by) would be handy.

With love,

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